Eric Taylor

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        I have been involved with finances all of my life. From being a day trader, writing option contracts, and actively participating in aggressive strategies where I personally realized that data, timing, era, and some luck were the strategies I had at my disposal. I made a lot of money and lost a lot of money. I remember telling myself "If I made a lot of money, BUT, did not lose (key rule) a lot or any money I would of been a billionaire!" Well reality was reality, and since then I spent nearly a decade at top Universities, Colleges, and studied the top, I mean the top financial guru's. I learned strategies that are "too good to be true!" I set out to educate and help people engage in the top strategies to gain and protect wealth. It is my PASSION,  and you will experience my energy and eagerness to help you if you decide to contact me.

I do have prerequisites to move forward in a working relationship (FIT):

  • Desire to save money even if it means a life alteration
  • Be friendly
  • Once you see an opportunity, you act upon it
  • Loyalty

Eric L. Taylor